Since 2013 it’s possible for affluent non-EU real estate investors to obtain Spanish residency by investing in or purchasing property to the value of at least €500,000.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain is publicly recognized to be at the top of their class, especially regarding investment related residencies (“Golden Visa”); as well as immigration advice for businesses that seek to bring to Spain some non-EU talent, directors or highly qualified workers. Among other accomplishments, AvaLanding won in 2020 the public tender of the city of Barcelona to maintain the residency permit section of the Barcelona International Welcoming service for talent, businesses, and investors in Spain.

Any European can live and work in Spain merely by registering at the police and applying for the resident NIE certificate. Any non-European who wishes to live and work in Spain for more than the tourist visa of 90 days, has to apply for a residency and work permit.

Yes! You’ve reached the perfect place! We prepare profitable investment properties in the best locations in Marbella, which generate stable cash flow from holiday rental.



Our investors come from the following territories: United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, United States.

Absolutely!  we provide bespoke concierge services for our clients who pay a premium price for a premium service. If your property matches our requirements in regards to the property type, high standard condition and premium location we will rent your property to our high profile clients.

Black Print Marbella operated under Virtual Port3d offers a 5 * hotel for
vehicles, it is a fully conditioned facilities.
Car care and maintenance in our bunker with surveillance 24H.

• 24 hour security.
• Control of your car through our App with assigned camera.
• Model Cars protection air cover.
• Optimum tire pressure level.
• Battery control and maintenance.
• Always clean exterior / interior.
• Control of annual maintenance dates.
• Documentation management.
• Start / Stop of the engine.
• Delivery and pick up at the indicated address.
From € 124 / month.
We have three types of rates: Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Consult conditions and prices of the rate that best suits your needs.

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